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"They have a silky feel to them and feel soft. I felt they helped regulate my temperature. I like to sleep with a heavy duvet in the colder months, I find the weight comforting, Sometimes I get a little hot but not with these sheets."

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expert VERDICT: ‘This bedding does resemble silk in texture and is useful for patients with skin conditions that can be aggravated by rubbing on bedding, as well as the heat generated in bed,’ says consultant dermatologist Dr Anton Alexandroff. 4/5

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Stephen Colbert: "We all wear cycle clothing that wicks away moisture but I never put two and two together until my personal trainer Gerard Gray mentioned that he had heard that the British Race Across America team really rated DermaTherapy - a new material they were using for bed linen. So I contacted the company that made it and pleaded with them to send me a set."

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“I love the feel of the fabric, it’s really soft and silky and I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve slept better in the heat. I’ve hardly woken up during the night because of the heat since using the sheets which is great!”

"As a menopausal woman in her mid-fifties, I've been having hot flashes and night sweats for some years now and am used to waking up in the middle of the night in a bath of sweat. Since I started using the Derma Therapy sheet and pillowcase, I've noticed a huge difference. My pillow-case is no longer damp when I wake up in the morning, and I'm getting far more undisturbed sleep. The bedding is unbelievably soft too and feels lovely against my skin. Yes, the sheets aren't cheap, but boy do they make a difference!"

“I love the feel of the fabric, it’s really soft and silky and I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve slept better in the heat. I’ve hardly woken up during the night because of the heat since using the sheets which is great!”

“I have been sleeping on the bedding for a few days. I have found it very comfortable, soft and so far it seems to be coping well with my hot flushes. The sheets do not feel clammy to touch, as it does with my regular cotton bedding, when I have a hot flush.”

“I started using DermaTherapy pillowcases a couple of days ago and already I have noticed an amazing difference. My skin seems to have calmed down a lot in terms of pimples and spots and I can notice a significant change. I have noticed that I am waking up a lot cooler meaning that my skin isn’t clammy and sweaty in the morning. I am really pleased with the bedding and am looking forward to many more restful nights.”

“When I came out of hospital, I wanted to be comfortable in my bed. It was so beneficial, it was just wonderful. It meant I could rest instead of perspiring and feeling restless. I couldn't get in and out of bed that easily and wanted a good night's sleep. It worked very well and because I was able to get enough sleep, I recovered quickly and was back at work within three weeks. I've ordered more supplies for everyday use because the bed linen is so comfortable. ”

“I purchased the derma therapy pillowcases after seeing an article in a magazine about the benefits. Initially I was hesitant as they are more expensive than a standard cotton case but I went ahead and made the purchase and I am very pleased I did as I can highly recommend them. They are soft and do not cause a friction like cotton on your face so they don’t rub your skin when you sleep and turn in the night which is noticeable in the mornings when you wake up minus the line marks & irritation!

I find them more cooling and soothing which is altogether more comforting against the skin especially now I have reached the age of “tropical moments”! I also find when i move my head to turn in the night my face/head glides over the case due to the slip of the material of the case which actually helps me as I am disabled and have constant chronic pain so it makes turning easier for me. It would be nice to have a cream or taupe colour not just the white but that is only a minor thing. ”

“Since the age of 2 my son, Lewis, has suffered from night terrors. The night terrors occur if he is tired, hot or ill. They used to be quite infrequent and the doctor said that he should grow out of them in time. However he is now 8 and over the past 12 months they seemed to be getting more severe and also more frequent. Lewis was going through a particularly bad phase where he had night terrors for 7 nights in a row until he slept on the DermaTherapy Bedding!

I decided to try the bedding as I noted that one of its properties is to wick moisture away from the skin and I thought this might have a cooling effect on him. It has obviously worked as he hasn’t had a night terror in over 2 weeks! I am so very, very grateful that Lewis is now able to have a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed for school and raring to go at his many football sessions. It’s truly amazing what a dramatic effect simply changing Lewis’ bedding has made. Lewis also loves the feel of the fabric. He told his sister about his ‘special bedding’ and we have now also bought my daughter a pillow case even though she doesn’t suffer from night terrors! ”

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